In March 2019, Novo Nordisk Research Centre China (NNRCC) launched INNOVO®, an open innovation platform, as we gear up for increased research collaborations with dynamic innovation forces in China, building a new pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem and contributing to research pipelines locally and globally. 

By far, INNOVO® has established diverse partnerships among universities, biotech companies, hospitals, research institutes and consortium etc, spanning a number of areas, such as diabetes, obesity, CVD, NASH, AI in drug research and other novel technologies.



Through this open innovation initiative, we offer easy and free testing of your undisclosed compound in selected high-throughput bioassays relevant for fibrosis with no strings attached.

We hope that sharing can advance the research of those who want to discover new mode of actions and expand disease biology understanding, which can ultimately contribute to accelerating scientific research and future breakthroughs for medical solutions.

The process and criteria are simple and transparent - We offer to validate your scientific hypothesis for free, using these assays. You own the results and are encouraged to publish these. There is no reporting required for you but if you obtain exciting new results, you are welcome to get in touch with us for a discussion of the data and the possibilities for a future collaboration.

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As a research centre with full capabilities in drug discovery, NNRCC plans to offer bioassays of varied disease phenotypes for validating disease-relevant scientific hypotheses, starting with fibrosis assays:

*Assays are subject to change.

We value your compound and will use our best endeavours to conduct the test. You are encouraged to refer to the below steps before sending your precious compounds.

1.  Sign the material transfer agreement.

2.  Store your compound in the recommended conditions. As a general rule:

  • If protein/antibody, 200 µL of molecule dissolved in PBS solution at a concentration of 10 - 50 µM, and the overall amount is no less than 100 µg.
  • If peptide/small molecule, 200 µL of molecule dissolved in PBS or DMSO solution at a concentration of 1 - 10 mM.
  • If ASO/siRNA, 200 µL of molecule dissolved in PBS at a concentration of 10 -50 µM.

3.  Once MTA executed, we dispatch to you empty vials with barcodes along with the Compound Specification Form.

4.  Revert the form in an e-copy and ship your compounds in the provided vials.

5.  We test your compounds in our laboratory within 90 days upon receipt of the shipments.

6.  You receive a report with all the data and results. Here is an example report.



We strive to build a transparent and trustworthy collaboration platform.

  • The sequence and structure of your compounds remain undisclosed
  • No strings attached – you decide what assays to test and own all the data and results we generate out of your compounds.
  • This service is free of charge.

Download the material transfer agreement here

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