Do you have a scientific idea that could change the treatment of cardiometabolic diseases, and need to further validate your hypothesis?

We want to boost your innovative idea by joining forces and supporting your hypothesis validation. No strings attached. This could be your start to an exciting drug discovery journey, so together, we can fuel the next generation of life-saving science and technologies.

  • Funding: 350,000 RMB to perform key experiments to validate your translational idea (6-9 months)
  • No strings attached. You keep IP rights and freedom to publish your research
  • Expert advice: Receive feedback from Novo Nordisk drug discovery/development experts
  • Resources: Obtain access to Novo Nordisk open innovation compounds/reagents/assays
  • Gateway: Start your drug discovery journey with the potential for a follow-up/long-term partnership with Novo Nordisk

Who? We are looking for scientists...

  • who is passionate about translating their innovative ideas to drug discovery and development.
  • who has a clear experimental plan ("killer experiments") to validate their hypothesis and generate key data, quick and clean!

What? We are looking for innovative ideas on novel biology/pathways, drug targets, therapeutic approaches. Here is a list of example research topics that are of particular interest to us:

Submit proposal

This INNOVO Open Call is part of Novo Nordisk 2024 partner campaign. The proposals will be submitted to the global platform.

The application journey

1. Application

We encourage applicants to submit their proposals as soon as possible, since applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

We aim to make the application/evaluation process as straightforward and quick as possible (<1 month). No lengthy proposals are required, 1-2 pages describing the idea and the experimental plan for validation are sufficient.

Proposal examples

2. Evaluation

A panel of Novo Nordisk experts will review applications and make the decision on a potential funding/partnership opportunity. Evaluation criteria include scientific novelty, potential therapeutic impact and robustness of experimental plan (“killer experiments”).

Applicants may be invited to present/discuss their proposal if further clarification is needed.

3. Paperwork

We will execute a standard statement of work/research collaboration agreement. Again, IP rights stay with you/your organisation and you are free to publish.

4. Let’s go!

If your proposal is approved, Novo Nordisk will fund key experiments performed in your laboratory to validate your translational idea.

During the process, Novo Nordisk experts will be available for feedback and advice, and you will have access to Novo Nordisk open innovation resources.

5. Completion

After 6-9 months of hard work, you will present your results to Novo Nordisk experts and receive feedback. If both parties interested, we would love to discuss follow-up funding and long-term partnership options.

About INNOVO® Open Call

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