NN-CAMS Union Talent Fund

Novo Nordisk-UNION Diabetes Research Talent Fund

In 2011, Novo Nordisk established a partnership with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) with a donation of 1 million USD to support diabetes research and recruitment of talents to CAMS. Novo Nordisk’s contribution has been in total approx. 6 million CNY. 9 scientists and research doctors were funded in 2011. 5 scientists and activities associated with the new Diabetes Research Center at CAMS/PUMCH were funded in 2013.

Prof.  Qimin Zhan, VP, CAMS, and Børge Diderichen (BqD) are co-chairs of the Coordination Committee.
Other members from Chinese academic institutions are Dr. Xhang Xue, CAMS, Mr. Sun Jikuan, CAMS, and Prof. Wang Mingwei, SIMM and guest professor of PUMC.
Other Novo Nordisk members are Zhang Kezhou (KezZ) and Fang Zhang (FAZN).
Dr. Zhu Chengbin, Secretary of the Committee, CAMS, Ms. Fu Wenhua, CAMS, Dr. Zheng Caiyun, CAMS, Wang Baoping (BaoP) and Tong Yu (YTog) are associated.
Vice Minister Liu Qian, Ministy of Health, and Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen (MKT), Executive Vice President and CSO, Novo Nordisk, are honorary co-chairs.


9 projects funded in 2011

5 projects funded in 2013